SolaRO - Solar Powered Water Purification System

SolaRO is a smart multistage water purifier which provides 24x7 purified water for high use establishments. Our product incorporates latest advances in water purification technologies. During the day it utilizes solar power for purification and stores energy in batteries to be powered during night or uses grid power. The most important feature is that you can control all the basic features of the purifier and monitor remotely from your mobile.

SolaRO is ideal to install in Communities, Schools and Colleges , Hospitals, Industries and high footfall public places like Bus Stops, Railway Stations, Malls etc. where there is always high demand for clean drinking water.

SolaRO is customizable based on the requirement and quality of water. We test the raw water from a source which can be either tap water, underground water, water from a water body or water from municipal corporation compare the impurities present with respect to WHO standards for clean drinking water and recommend the purification system.

Technical Features
  1. RO+UV double purification
  2. TDS controller and monitoring
  3. Auto flushing
  4. Auto backwash
  5. Mode of operation: Automatic/Manual
  6. UV sterilization
  7. Water flow monitoring with totalizer
Types of SolaRO
  1. RO + UV (LERO)
  2. RO + UV (BWRO)
  3. Water Desalination System (SWRO)
  4. UF + UV
  5. Softener Filter
  6. Fluoride Removal Filter
  7. Iron Removal Filter