Background :
One of the most neglected area of human health and hygiene across the world is - Sanitation. Even today over 37% of world population does not have toilets for defecation. Open defecation leads to major health issues such as diarrhea, cholera, typhoid etc making women susceptible to physical abuse, rape and other risks. At the core human level, the dignity of the women is easily exposed. They wait for the night-fall to defecate, in-process drinking less water resulting in extreme malnutrition and related long-term health problems. UN through its MDG has clearly highlighted this problem even when several governments of the developing and under-developed countries have made it their primary mandate. One of the major reasons preventing the stakeholders to address this issue head-on - "is the lack of consistent availability of water at the house/community level for sanitation purposes."
Solution :
Born in 2007, Solar Dual Pump solution is an integration of existing and popularly known hand pump technology with advanced solar pumping technology with the SAME riser pipe. It works purely on the solar energy to pump water in an overhead storage tank and has the hand pump installed ONLY for adversely cloudy/overcast conditions, WITHOUT batteries/grid/diesel genset,etc. More details in the technical specification document. Making it a 100% GREEN system providing 24x7 water to the villages. The advantages of storing water in an overhead tank, allows water distribution setup to work brilliantly for hand washing, toilets, playground and other purposes. It comes with a Iron removal/ De-fluoridation system which provides clean water for drinking purposes. The filtration system works on gravity and comes with (programmable) SPAN smart card system for proper utilisation of water. More details in the Technical specification document. We understand the importance of WATER. Hence all our systems are designed to avoid over-usage or wastage of water. Appropriate sensors and access controls are incorporated to ensure the same. As on date, we have installed and commissioned over 5000 such systems in India, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Sudan, Bangladesh, Ghana, Burkina Faso, etc providing water to different rural schools.