Company culture

Mission :

To become India’s leading corporation providing good quality, cost effective solutions for drinking, irrigation and sanitation needs, using alternative energy resources, especially for the rural and underprivileged population with an aim to make them self reliant.

Vision :

To focus on innovative, environment friendly and most appropriate technology options to provide 360 degree solutions, which facilitates entire water needs in order to improve the overall quality of human life globally.

Integrity :

An uncompromising and predictably consistent commitment to honor truthfulness, accuracy, actions, values, methods, principles, ethics.

Attention to detail :

We believe that it’s critical to focus on “accuracy” in the details as we all undertake several tasks (to and fro) during each day.

Customer centric approach :

To understand the customers’ issues, and then align our strategies/ plans/ solution features to cater to those issues is our motto.

Fun/positive health :

We have an active culture, where there are a variety of fun/group activities both indoors-outdoors, competitions, events, celebrations, where every individual is given a chance to exchange ideas, showcase their talents, bond as a family, learn new skills and grow as an individual. Additionally, Span promotes healthy lifestyle for each member through its various physical exercise events, getting related consultants, experts on-board, to address individual health issues.

Building intellectual property :

We take tremendous pride in our innovations - not only in terms of new products but also services. We encourage each member of the company to build a unique IP around him/ her, the team, the department and eventually in the company.