Background :
Agriculture forms major portion of a developing and under-developed countries GDP. It is the backbone for any nations prosperity and stability. Majority of the farmers are still dependent on natural rainfall for fulfillment of their water needs which is highly un-predictable and unreliable. This dependence leads to lower crop yield, mounting farmer loans, farmer suicides and eventually moving away from agriculture. Other alternatives such as electric pumps (failed due to lack of consistent grid power to the rural areas), diesel pumps (in-feasible due to high maintenance and running costs) have not provided a sustainable solution to the farmers.
Solution :
Span Agriculture pumping solution provides consistent water to the farmer driving the pumps purely on solar energy without the need of grid power/batteries/fossil fuels. The solution can work for any water source, providing a negligible maintenance, sustainable, GREEN solution to the farmer community. This frees the farmer for un-predictable rainfall, grid power or fossil fuel. In India, SPAN is the empanelled member to capitalize on the current MNRE-NABARD subsidy program for farmers.